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Av Sofie - 27 juni 2010 20:54

 Under Eclipse premiären i LA gjorde Kiis FM intervjuer med delar av Casten, Kristen Stewart kommer först sedan Kellan Lutz. Sen är det Jackson Rathbone och Robert Pattinson :D

Kramar Bellz <3


Av Sofie - 25 juni 2010 11:15

Stepehenie Meyer var också på plats på premiären och Mtv lyckades få en intervju med henne. Hon säger själv att hon tycker att detta är en mycket bra film och reportern tycker att det är den bästa i serien hittills så det låter lovande! :D

Jag längtar mycket nu och det är ju inte många dagar kvar nu!

Kramar B <3


Av Sofie - 25 juni 2010 10:45

Hittade en video med Robert Pattinson ifrån den röda mattan och dte var Access Hollywood som gjorde den :) Haha han är riktigt härlig och man kan inte låta bli att skratta lite för han är ganska rolig.

Kraaam B :)


Av Sofie - 24 juni 2010 10:45 har en ny intervju med Eclipse Vampyren  Xavier Samuel (Riley).

Här kommer ett utdrag och jag har också översatt den ;)


You’re new to the hysteria surrounding the Twilight franchise. How are you handling it?

It’s a wonderful thing; all these people come out and support these stories and they’re really passionate. It’s intimidating when you’re doing the work because you really have to pay tribute to the characters that are so dear to people.

Du är ny inför hysterin kring Twilight franchisen. Hur hanterar du det?

Det är en underbar sak; alla de här människorna  är där ute och stödjer de här historierna och de är så passionerade. Det är skrämmande när man ska jobba eftersom man behöver tänka på att beskydda karakärerna eftersom de är så kära för fansen.

Xavier har rätt, vi har ju en bild av karaktärerna när vi har läst böckerna och vi vill ju att de ska vara som vi har tänkt att de ska va. Det kan inte vara lätt för dom. Kramar B <3


Av Sofie - 23 juni 2010 11:30

Nu ska jag ut och jobba, synd att det inte är bättre väder för jag ska vara ute och måla brädor. Men det regnar inte ialla fall. Men innan jag går ut och jobbar ska ni få en intervju med Ashley Greene (Alice) som hon gjorde med

Has your approach to playing Alice changed over the course of the three films? Do you like her better now than when you started?


Ashley: “She’s a great character and I’ve always loved Alice. Of course, it’s changed since we’re working with different directors each time. This character is essentially me at certain points. You know what I mean? I’m so aware of everything little thing about Alice’s life. I’ve been immersed in this Twilight world, so sometimes there are things that I don’t notice or things I don’t think about. Because you see yourself every single day and you don’t notice if your hair is different or you don’t notice if you’ve gained or lost weight; other people notice it. Having these other directors come in is kind of nice since they give me a different perspective. She has grown a little bit in different ways with each director, I think.”



Kramar B <3

Av Sofie - 20 juni 2010 08:45

God morgon, god morgon :D

Idag bär det ut på utflykt med kusinerna och det blir en ganska lång en. Sen ska vi äta lite god mat och ha det trevligt! Men innan vi sticker iväg så tänkte jag att jag skulle ge er en intervju som Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene och Nikki Reed gjorde med

No guessing about who's coming to dinner.
Peter Facinelli: "Doesn't everyone have someone like Edward in their family that seems to be in a problematical relationship? You're like, 'I really wish they weren't dating that person,' but because you love them you just smile and say, 'Welcome to the family.' I think love makes you do some pretty crazy things like even giving your life up for all eternity." 
Nikki Reed: "I mean, ask my brother how many girls he's tried to date and how many have lasted after the family met them. I grew up very fast and I moved out very young, so when I've been in serious relationships, it was somehow much easier to bring a guy home to meet my family."
Keeping love off the menu.
Peter Facinelli: "Edward shouldn't really play with his food though. Romancing Bella is like falling in love with your mashed potatoes. Our family is living on a really strict bloodless diet, and when you're on a diet you get cranky sometimes. I've always said, 'Why don't the Cullens have a petting farm, like a little zoo in the backyard, so if we want like a snack, we just go and grab a squirrel. It would be like having a candy bar or something." 

Fighting for Bella and Edward.
Peter Facinelli: "We trained for six weeks to take on the 'newborns' who are the bad vampires. We all loved the action stuff. My daughter came down and was watching one of the scenes. After we filmed it, I let her try. It was awesome. This 12-year-old girl was throwing this stunt guy across the room. That's how good those guys make us look." 

The biggest fan magnet.
Kellan Lutz: "We've all stayed so down to earth, and it's just funny to see life change for the people around us, especially Rob. It's like when a fan lunges at him and you only see one bodyguard around, and then ten more jump out of the crowd where they've been hiding. God, it's crazy to think about needing a bodyguard. But Rob can't take any chances. He's a heartthrob, but he's also a great guy and we all love him because he hasn't changed as a person." 

A strange Twi-hard encounter.
Kellan Lutz: "When we were filming in Oregon I was in my hotel room and there was a knock on the door. I thought it was my castmates because we were all going out to get some dinner. I had just gotten out of the shower and I grabbed a towel. Thank God I didn't just throw open the door because I was practically naked. I heard voices going, 'Emmett, we're your fans' and I could tell they were near tears. So I put some clothes on as fast as I could, opened the door and it was two lovely ladies holding a giant basket full of goodies for all of us."
It's all between the covers.
Ashley Greene: "I remember I read the first book in a day and a half and fell in love with it, and went right on to read the second and third. That's when I understood why people are so totally into the story. I remember when I finally got cast, I was so ecstatic that I just burst into tears. I didn't realize it was going to be such a huge deal until we started filming in Portland and my mom was like 'Do you have a fan site yet?' I was like, 'People don't know who I am.' Now, everywhere there are screaming fans."
Who's your daddy?
Peter Facinelli: "I am in charge. We spent a lot of time together in rehearsals, a lot of time helping each other out. I think there's a bond there because we all respected each other as actors. When I see them, they put a smile on my face. I have a profound love, like a family love, for all of the Cullens and for Bella and for Jacob. I just want to go over and give them a hug. I enjoy them. We did things together like they'd come over and play poker at the end of a day of filming."

Hoppas ni får en riktigt bra dag :D Kramar <3


Av Sofie - 19 juni 2010 18:00

Bryce Dallas Howard som spelar Victoria II kommer att vara med i juli numret av  Self Magazine. Hittade ett utdrag från intervjun och en fin bild till den :)
On style:
Also about a year back I begged a friend from college – now a costume designer and stylist with the absolute most beautiful taste – to go through my closet with me. We quickly realized that I never wore any of my nice clothes because I was afraid I would ruin them. She taught me the importance of actually ‘getting dressed’ in the mornings, as opposed to ‘clothing my body’. It’s made a BIG difference. And now I feel far less wasteful since I am actually wearing all of my clothes!
Kramar <3

Av Sofie - 18 juni 2010 18:30

Hej på er :)

Hoppas ni har en bra dag, min dag har bestått av att baka bröd, tre plåtar har det blivit idag. Sen spelade jag lite Wii Mario Galaxy 2 och det var ganska roligt och nu har jag gett mig in på att lära mig Clair de lune på piano, den finns med i Twilight. Hehe men det var inte det lättaste men en liten bit på vägen är jag :)

Hittade en intervju med Robert Pattinson osm han gjorde med Clevver Tv förra helgen under alla presskonferenserna. Han pratar om hur det är att byta regissör mellan filmerna och han verkar vara ganska positiv inför det och han säger att han har utvecklats mycket under tiden. Sedan blir det prat om Taylor och Robert och hur de spelar denna delen var mycket intressant och lite rolig ^^

Hoppas ni gillar den, Kramar B <3




vilken är den bästa filmen i Twilight sagan?
 New Moon
 kan inte välja, alla är lika bra :)

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